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jute area rug

An Honest Review – Everything about the Jute Area Rug


Obsessed about the jute area rug? Then you have come on the right place. Everything is so beautiful about the rug that makes a place feel scintillating. A nice jute rug can help boost the furniture in the room which creates a cozy, comfortable space. So here is every little thing which you want to know about the rug before buying one. 

OK, so let’s get set with the review.

If you are attempting to finish the home decor of your dreams residence, and in case you are captivated with the fashion, layout and the environment, then we're capable of recommending pleasant jute rug for you.  In Jute area rugs you'll find inside the various beautiful design and color combination, however, in particular, you'll find these combinations.

  1. EQUAL Handmade Jute Area Rug Wave Design, Natural Bleached, 5ft X 8ft
  2. EQUAL Handmade Striped Jute Area Rug, Natural Brown, 3 X 5ft
  3. EQUAL Handmade Braided Round Jute Rug for Living Room & Bedroom, Natural Blue, 6' X 6'
  4. EQUAL Handmade Jute Rug Hexagon Pattern For Indoor, Natural Bleached, 3ft X 5ft


If you wish to check out our store then click on names. Jute rug have some of the fascinating qualities that makes these rug a special decor items for home.

This image is hyperlinked to we made unique store click on the image for more. Jute area rug has some of the fascinating qualities that make these rug special decor items for the home. This image is hyperlinked to we made unique store click on the image for more.

Jute Area Rugs


Rugs available in the various sizes and they fit according to use of the space, some of them for kitchen area and some of them for baby room. There are some of the sizes you can find out on the store if you wish to check then click on the sizes.

1.    jute area rugs 4x6

2.    jute area rugs 5x7

3.    jute area rugs 6x9

4.    jute area rugs 8x10

5.    jute area rugs 5x8

6.    jute area rugs 10x14

7.    jute area rugs 9x12

 If you wish to check out more at our store then click here     


Can jute rugs go outside?


Jute area rug is a versatile and renewable fiber, and it has woven into many fabric along with rugs that deliver a natural look to the porch.  As it does not works well in the water but you may use it, it could be used in the outdoors, however normally they ought to be kept in aspect. If you need to apply within the out of doors surroundings then you need to defend it from the excessive moisture.

1.    Low Maintenance 

The jute rug is the correct at soaking up dirt and crumbs without it displaying, they usually appearance easy even when they're no longer, because of the color combinations they have. To clean rug, simply you have to run the vacuum over it and it seems excellent as contemporary. As always as for the stains, it smooths up very easily.


2.    Pleasant Texture

If you have space then jute rug is a great addition to that stark place, because their neutral look is a classic and practical option.


3.    Cheap jute rugs

The jute rug is an affordable choice when it comes to adding to your space, in fact, it is the best option to décor with jute rugs because of its look and feels. If you wish to check WE MADE UNIQUE collection you will find cheap but premium in class jute rug when you shopping for rugs.


4.    Eco- friendly

We made unique offers several types of jute rugs that carry the unique look and feel which is made out of the organic material, jute, Jute is the great replacement for the traditional carpets which is made out if some chemicals.


5.    Durable

Naturally thick and durable, these rugs are woven into beautiful braided and exotic texture. Even though jute is very strong but in feel, they are very soft.


Pro and cons of jute rugs


The pros - A simple vacuuming with a brush attachment removes dust, and because jute fibers come from the plant stalks they are very soft and they almost resemble wool
The cons – The softness means it is also durable of the bunch, making it best for low and medium traffic area.
Care – vacuums regularly and blot spills quickly.







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